Aids to squeeze tubes. This image shows a toothpaste tube aid that helps you get product out of the tube. It shows a tube in the holder and the keys that turn the tube to squeeze the product out. The holders are white and the keys are red, green and blue plastic

Help Squeezing Tubes

If you have weakened hands due to arthritis you may need some help squeezing tubes. It’s not just creams and toothpaste that come in tubes many cooking ingredients are packaged this way.

Preparing food with one hand. This image shows a food preparation aid. It is a white board with different stainless steel securing clamps. In this photo it shows someone single-handedly peeling a courgette.

Preparing Food With One Hand

Preparing food with one hand is almost impossible. You don’t realise how much we rely on the second hand until you can’t use it for some reason. This useful board helps resolve many common food prep issues.

This image is shows a large white window pane. It has one large single centre panel and two equal length ones divided in two. In total there are 5 windows. Their is a window blind and it is almost to the window sill. Just above the window sill is a green sheet of card attached to the window. The card is part of a simple alert system to allow elderly people to signal whether they are OK or need help

Simple Alert System

This simple alert system uses coloured card as indicators with green for “OK”, amber ” I could use some help” and red “I NEED help now”. Such a simple idea it is genius. Ideal for anyone elderly or vulnerable.

This image shows an Easy Storage team. Their are two men loading a bike onto a van via the double side doors. The van is orange and white

Easy Storage

Easy Storage is the perfect solution to your downsizing, moving or storage needs. No stress storage solutions with collection, storage and your items returned to you when needed. They do the hard work so you don’t have to worry.

How good are Jelly Drops? This image shows a selection of small clear tear-drop shaped pots filled with coloured water filled sweets.

How Good Are Jelly Drops?

A hydration revolution. Jelly Drops have been available since 2020 and helped thousands of people who struggle with adequate fluid intake. But just how good are they?

Over 10 million of its engaging fruit treats have now been sold so if you haven’t heard of them before and don’t know if they are worth buying please read the rest of this post.

This article is called "Footwear For People Who Have Had A Stroke". This image shows an ankle boot that is black. It has a flat rubber sole and a slightly elevated heel. The boot is mid calf height and has two velcro straps to fasten.

Footwear for Someone Who Has Had A Stroke

Footwear for someone who has had a Stroke needs to be comfortable and easy to put on and remove. Feet can become swollen if you or someone you care for are immobile for any period. This is highly likely in the period following a Stroke.

Your footwear also needs to fit well and have a good grip to prevent the risk of having a fall when starting to mobilise again.

This image shows a Waterproof call bell pendant. It is a small oval device which is white. It has a clear red button in the centre. Also shown is a black wrist strap and a white lanyard.

Call Bell Systems

Call bell systems allow elderly and disabled people to contact someone if they need help. The service provider holds the contact details of family members and can call the emergency services if required.

This image shows an adjustable bed. The frame has a light brown fabric covering and there are two separate mattresses on it. One is raised horizontally, the other the head and foot are raised

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds offer customizable sleeping positions. One of the main advantages of adjustable beds is the ability to adjust the position of the bed’s head and foot. This allows you to find your most comfortable sleeping position, whether you prefer to sleep with your head slightly elevated, raise your legs for better circulation, or find a position that alleviates pressure points on your body.

this image shows a person performing a diabetic prick test to test blood sugar levels. It shows a glucose testing machine and a testing strip it also shows a drop of blood on the finger next to the persons ring finger.

Caring For A Diabetic Wound

Diabetes affects 1 in 20 of the adult population. This is approximately 850,000 and it is essential to have some understanding into caring for a diabetic wound to prevent serious complications.

this image shows and extendable door wedge

Extendable Door Wedges

Extendable door wedges are ideal for people with mobility issues, pregnant people and for anyone with balance problems. They enable you to wedge the door open without having to bend down. The handle also has a handy wrist strap to prevent you dropping it on the floor.

Folding Hoists For Mobility Scooters

This portable folding hoist has a 50kg weight capacity, the equivalent to 2 sacks of potatoes and can easily manage most scooters. It’s light -weight design has a hard-wearing frame and is easily moved.  There is no need to dismantle the scooter provided your boot is large enough.

Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment

Years of painstaking studies have delivered gains in the understanding of dementia.This has laid the foundation for a revolution in earlier diagnosis and effective treatment of the disease. This is a cause for hope for millions in the future

this image shows a selection of medical alert systems. They are wearable devices to press when help is needed

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are life savers. If you live alone and are at risk of a fall they are an essential form of contact. All are portable and worn either on a layard around your neck or on your wrist, like a watch. When you need help simply press the button and you will be connected with a help centre.

This shows a bath seat with a blue liner for clarity. It is one of the models that allows an elderly person to sit right in the bath

Have a Bath Safely

There are lots of ways to have a bath safely. It is important for you to maintain your independence and dignity and avoid the risk of having a fall in the bathroom

This shows an OM interactive Mobile projection system projecting a picture of a lamb onto a table top

Mobii Interactive Systems

The Mobii interactive system provides a perfect way to involve people of all physical and mental abilities in activity. Using motion detecting light beams they project 100’s of different apps onto any light surface.

this image shows vegetables pureed and then reformed into their former shape using a silicone mould

Puree Diet Food Moulds

Many people with dysphagia ( difficulty swallowing) need to have their food pureed. This doesn’t make food look so appealing. Using a mould to re-shape it really helps with presentation.

this image shows a set of 3 brightly coloured key holders designed for people with arthritic fingers


Keywings are cheerful rubber attachments for door keys. Designed to make life easier for millions of older people by increasing the grip.

This image shows a ginger and white 'toy'cat. It has white paws and and chest

Companion Cats

People love their pets. Fact. Having to leave your home and pets behind is a huge challenge. Whilst companion cats are not real they are lifelike. They purr and breathe and roll over for a tummy tickle.

This image shows a row of washing machines and a pile of laundry

Care Home Laundry

No-one wants to think of a loved one wearing clothes belonging to someone else in a care home environment. There are a few simple things you can do to prevent this.