This image shows a fitform chair. They are modern and sleek.

Fitform Chairs


This image shows a fitform chair. They are modern and sleek.



Fitform Chairs

Fitform chairs are the armchairs of the future. We put more strain on our backs sitting than laying or even walking. However, most of us pay little attention to our seating. By the age of 70 we will have spent almost 40 years sitting down at home, working, driving or travelling.

In 2022 over 20 million work days were lost to musculoskeletal injuries, the majority being lower back pain. 85% of backache is caused by sitting with 80-90% of adults sitting incorrectly. Poor sitting posture might not sound significant but prevention is better than cure. Lower back pain can lead to a lack of activity, exercise and subsequent low mood. 80% of adults experience back pain with 20% having reoccurring issues.

Betting sitting posture.

Slouching on a sofa causes three to five times more strain than laying. It puts excessive pressure on the natural curvature of the spine as it is not supported.  Poor seating posture can also cause digestive and breathing difficulties, joint pain, trapped nerves and compromises skin quality in older adults. Poor posture can also make getting out of the chair more difficult.

In the UK, Cavendish Healthcare and Mobility are the exclusive retailers of Fitform chairs. Not only do these chairs look stunning with their classic styling, but they are also good for you! Available in hundreds of fabrics, leather and VP (vapour permeable which is ideal for anyone with continence issues. Fitform chairs are handmade by a company called Wellco in the Netherlands. They have been voted the most back-friendly chairs in the Netherlands according to NVVR de Wervelkolom who is a patient organisation. Hardly surprising with 75,000 satisfied customers.

Ergonomic Design.

Fitform chairs are ergonomically designed to support your back and can help improve existing back issues. The average sofa is too deep, and designed for how it looks, not comfort. This results in a slouch putting pressure on the lower back.

In order to find the perfect sitting posture a chair needs fit. The user needs to be able to sit comfortably back in the seat with the back cushion supporting their spine. Legs need to be at a comfortable 90° with feet flat on the ground. A perfect fit is when you can fit a flat palm between the footplate and a leg.

Surprisingly our arms account for 10% of our body weight and also need to be at a comfortable 90° to be able to fully relax. If the armrests are too high this causes discomfort in the head, neck and shoulders, too low and there is a tendency to slouch. FiItform chairs have fully adjustable armrests and can be manufactured with swing-away arms to facilitate side transfers from a wheelchair.

Chair Motors

Fitform chairs have three motors. One controls the backrest, one the footrest and the third provides a Tilt-In-Space movement. This moves your whole body simultaneously, as your back reclines your legs raise and your calves are supported in with a slight bend at the knee. The Tilt-In  TIS position takes the weight from your back and enables total relaxation with your whole body totally supported.

The ability to raise your feet above your heart aids circulation and helps reduce oedema. This can also help prevent varicose veins. Not only are there health benefits but overall comfort is improved.

One of the optional extras is the ability to choose a swivel Fitform. This can be battery operated removing the need for unsightly cables which are also a trip hazard. The swivel Fitform is especially popular with customers with a stunning view from the home.

Additional Accessories

In a care setting or where it is necessary for the chair to be moved from room to room it is possible to add a vario wheel system which makes the chair portable.

It is also to have a bucket seat or a Kyphosis back for spinal curvature.


Fitform chairs are handmade using the finest quality materials. The seat cushion is comprised of no sag-springs which are zig-zagged or waved and electrically hardened to provide long-lasting comfort. There is a 5-year warranty on the construction of the chair, mechanism, motors and electronics. They provide 3 years warranty on the foam, upholstery and any accessories and 2 years for the battery option if included.




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