Struggle to hear the TV

this image shows some amplicoms headphones

Does someone you know struggle to hear the TV ?

I always share the Amplicomms press releases as Hearing Direct give my readers a special 10 % discount off first orders with them when you quote CC10. I also like these headphones as they are lightweight and less bulky than others that are available.

Press Release ….

Struggle to Hear the TV ? Try A TV Listener for Rock Concert Sound Levels, i

New amplicomms TV200 Wireless Headset

If hearing loss means your TV is too loud for everyone else in the room, a TV Listener will help you to hear without annoying anyone, including the neighbours!

A new wireless headset system allows you to choose your preferred volume, even if the television sound is turned off. The volume on the new TV200 from amplicomms can be amplified to 112dB, that’s as loud as a rock concert, whilst tweaking the tone and balance controls enhance speech and clarity.

The lightweight headset has a built-in microphone option, so conversations in the room can be picked up and the sound source turned off, so you’ll never miss out on chat.

Simple to set up, the base unit plugs directly into the sound source such as an MP3 Player, Mobile Phone, CD, TV or Radio, wirelessly transmitting the sound to the rechargeable headset.

Using advanced Infrared technology; the sound won’t be interrupted if you leave the room or someone walks in front of you.

Designed for comfort it’s lightweight and easy to wear.

amplicomms TV200 is available from: Tel: 0800 032 1301    £59.99



■ Extra Loud volume, up to 112dB

■ Built-in microphone for close proximity sound (on/off activation)

■ Mute sound source when Microphone is activated

■ Adjustable Balance & Tone Control

■ Comfortable adjustable rubber ear cups

■ Rechargeable built-in receiver battery up to 9 hours use when fully charged

■ Transmitter with Dual Charging pod allows simultaneous charging of a second receiver, either a stepho-set or a neck loop (additional receivers sold separately)



■ Modulation: FM Stereo

■ Frequency: 2,3 / 2,8 MHz secured and powerful Infrared transmission

■ Range: up to 7m

■ Power supply (transmitter): Unit output: 12 VDC, 1 A

■ Power supply (receiver): Lithium polymer rechargeable battery, 3.7 V, 350 mAh

■ Operating time: With fully charged batteries up to 9 hours



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