This image shows a bright red bra

Put Your Bra On With One Hand

Put your bra on with one hand. This image shows a plain reddish-pink bra. It is padded and has an underwire.

Put Your Bra On With One Hand

If you have had a Stroke, recent surgery or broken your arm you will want to know how to put your bra on with one hand.

Most of us want to stay independent and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want someone helping me put my bra on!

Sports bras are an option but can’t give us the shape we get from standard ones. They can be comfortable but tend to squash us flat rather than provide support and shape.

After a medical episode, it’s important to regain independence and stay as feminine as possible. Our bras are very much part of our wardrobe.

Tutorial – How to Put Your Bra On With One Hand

This video is brilliant. It shows you step-by-step how to put your bra on single-handedly. I have tried it and it works.

Helpful Gadget

The “Bra Angel” is a useful gadget to help you. It works in the same principle as the previous video using the Bra Angel instead of the hand on your injured arm.

The Bra Angel is available from Amazon and currently costs £24.99. If you use this link, I earn a small affiliate commission.

This image shows a Bra Angel gadget to help you put your bra on with one hand. It is made of white plastic and clips around your neck. It has a pale pink heart at the front and an extension to hold the strap in place

This looks fairly straightforward to use. The Bra Angel is ideal if you’re unable to use the hand of your injured arm.

Short but sweet but I hope this helps. Another post you might find helpful is preparing food with one hand.


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