this image shows a single car key and modern fob

Unsafe To Drive?

Unsafe to Drive? This image shows a silver key with a black plastic top on a key silver key ring. There is also an electronic door opening key fob shown

Unsafe To Drive?

What should you do if you think your ageing parent is unsafe to drive? It’s a sensitive matter. You don’t want them to lose their independence. You also don’t want them involved in an accident and injuring themselves or someone else.


Its a difficult situation and you might feel torn.If you cannot confront the issue personally with your parents, family member or friend there is an alternative. Provided you know enough about the person you can contact the DVLA anonymously online and give a “third party notification”. This is only suitable if the person you are reporting has a medical condition. If their driving is dangerous for no obvious reason they should be reported to the police. This is also the situation if they are drinking and driving or driving under the influence of medication that makes them unsafe.

Third-Party Notification

A Third-Party Notification is easy to complete but you will need personal details of the person you are reporting to complete the online form. DVLA will not provide you with feedback due to the sensitive nature of the process.

They will contact the “reported” person by post and send them a medical questionnaire. They are legally required to complete this and provide DVLA with the authority to contact their GP.

If they don’t complete this,  DVLA can revoke their driving licence. This leaves them uninsured and makes it illegal for them to drive.

Mobility Scooters

A safer option to a car is a mobility scooter. With a maximum speed of 8mph in the UK, someone who has given up their car can still remain independent. There are plenty of great road and pavement scooters available. It is always advisable to take out insurance when purchasing a scooter. This is primarily for Public Liability insurance should the user have an accident. I always recommend Mark Bates for this as I have experience of dealing with them.



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