This image shows a bright green letter V

V is for

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin       Recently the V-word has been this damned virus. As the pandemic slows and the UK …

this image shows vegetables pureed and then reformed into their former shape using a silicone mould

Puree Diet Food Moulds

Many people with dysphagia ( difficulty swallowing) need to have their food pureed. This doesn’t make food look so appealing. Using a mould to re-shape it really helps with presentation.

Happy to Share

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Happy to Share These are my original Happy to Share cards I designed in 2015 before ‘loneliness’ became …

this image shows a set of 3 brightly coloured key holders designed for people with arthritic fingers


Keywings are cheerful rubber attachments for door keys. Designed to make life easier for millions of older people by increasing the grip.

This image shows a ginger and white 'toy'cat. It has white paws and and chest

Companion Cats

People love their pets. Fact. Having to leave your home and pets behind is a huge challenge. Whilst companion cats are not real they are lifelike. They purr and breathe and roll over for a tummy tickle.

This image shows a row of washing machines and a pile of laundry

Care Home Laundry

No-one wants to think of a loved one wearing clothes belonging to someone else in a care home environment. There are a few simple things you can do to prevent this.

This image shows a white electric care plugged in to a red charging station

Electric Vehicles and Safety

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be over one million electric vehicles on our roads with the distances they are capable of traveling on one charge varying between 100 -300 miles now they are becoming a more practical option.

This image shows an amazing light projection and sound effect entertainment system for people with dementia. This game show leaves projected onto the table for people to "swoosh" off.


Imagine being able to scoop up goldfish or have birds resting in the palm of your hand. Imagine piecing together a virtual jigsaw of times gone by? Tovertafel light projections can allow this to happen.

this image shows a digital display frame and the photo shown is of 3 young girls laying on their fronts chatting

Digital Display Frame

These frames are also a relaxing alternative to TV and I know several care homes use them to share photos of activities residents have enjoyed. Many of them have the capacity to store thousands of photos in a compact and easy to view way.

this image shows a woman sat in a large green chair who has had a stroke. Her Daughter kneels beside her


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin (Shared in it’s entirity to be saved for posterity) Screenwriter hopes new BBC production, called Care, will spark …

this image shows brightly coloured jelly drops that contain water

Jelly Drops

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Jelly Drops-What a difference a Blogger makes! You can still be part of this amazing journey and donate. …

this image shows an elderly lady in a red coat walking with a stick through the park


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin   Invisible You are not blind, you can see, you have no white stick, no dark glasses, So …

Big Ideas competition flyer

Care Share

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin  CARE SHARE – The multi-organisational and societal approach to eldercare. I entered this competition to raise awareness and …

this image shows a bowl of soup and a meal makers logo

Meal Makers

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin  Meal Makers – sharing food, reducing loneliness, reducing malnutrition How often do you cook more than you need? …


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin #metoo -campaign to end incontinence product rationing in the UK Who will join me on a #metoo campaign to raise …

this image shows someone jumping in the air and the words one uniform one team

Simon Jersey

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Simon Jersey Healthcare Attire Simon Jersey are one of the UK’s longest established and best-known work uniform providers.As …

this image shows an elderly lady being cared for by a carer

Care Vouchers

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Care Vouchers Tax-free vouchers like those used by parents to pay for childcare should be offered to encourage …

this image shows a red bag with black straps

Hospital Bag

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin  Pack your bag! Especially relevant at Christmas time……. Make sure you have a hospital bag packed for someone …