This image shows a Waterproof call bell pendant. It is a small oval device which is white. It has a clear red button in the centre. Also shown is a black wrist strap and a white lanyard.

Call Bell Systems

 This image shows a call bell system pendant It is a small oval device which is white. It has a clear red button in the centre. Also shown is a black wrist strap and a white lanyard.

 Call Bell Systems

Call bell systems ensure elderly people are able to call for help at any time. The system simply plugs into an existing telephone socket making it suitable for all homes. The accompanying pendants used to call for help are waterproof and can be worn in the bath or shower. This is when most accidents happen.

You can wear the pendant as a bracelet or on a cord around your neck. Most people prefer the bracelet option as it is less likely to interfere with your daily activities.

Various Options

Various companies and charities offer these call bell systems with  Careline UK and Age UK being two of the most popular. There’s a monthly cost for the service which on average is less than £20. These systems are ideal for anyone who may need help but is unable to get to the phone easily. They are popular if you are elderly, disabled or have ongoing health conditions.

If you fall or feel unwell, simply press the red button and the monitoring company will call them. They have the contact details of their family and friends. They can call them on your behalf or if needed call the emergency services for you.

Independent Living.

Call bell systems give family members peace of mind. You know your loved one will always have help at just the push of a button. Giving back the independence that everyone deserves along with the chance to keep living in their own home with minimal assistance. These systems allow people to continue living independently in a supported way.

Discreet and Robust

Designed to be comfortable, the pendants are secure, robust and discreet.

Careline Alarm Unit

The control unit accompanies every care system pendant and connects the alarm care team. When the pendant is pressed the system unit dials through to the 24-hour alarm centre. This allows the alarm user to speak directly to the care team through the built-in loudspeaker and microphone.




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