TrueCall – Nuisance Call Blocker.

this image shows the truecall unit. Truecall blocks nuisance calls.

The TrueCall Nuisance call blocker

 Special offer for all Caron Cares readers on the TrueCall nuisance call blocker- see bottom of the page.

A reader introduced me to TrueCall very recently. This little box manages to allow only genuine callers to ring your phone. It saves you the need to rush to answer a call risking falling, only  to find it is a tele-sales office.

Elderly people and those living with dementia are often the victims of telephone scams losing thousands of pounds in some cases, TrueCall prevents this and I love it ! Truecall was first seen on the TV programme Dragons Den. If you would like to watch the video please click this link.

This was an email Steve  Smith who invented this amazing device, received recently

Hi Steve,
My mother has Alzheimer’s but still manages to live alone with the help of several carers.
I really was at my wits end with my mum answering all sorts of nuisance calls, giving out all her personal details, agreeing to have double glazing, loft insulation, new gutters and finally even agreeing  to sell her house “to a very nice young man”!
What a find when Google turned up TrueCall – a real gold nugget!
I installed the TrueCall with only listed phone numbers allowed. Such a relief! It gives me real pleasure to see all those nuisance calls being rejected when I check the call log. As a matter of interest, only 5% of her calls are from friends or family. What a shocking state of affairs.
I can really say that your device is one of the best things I have ever bought, beautifully thought out and extremely useful.
So a big thank-you from a very happy customer.

Caron Cares readers offer

True Call costs £119.99 plus a delivery charge of £4.99 or it can be rented otherwise with an initial cost of only £15 and a monthly rental of £6.

With Christmas just around the corner, this would make a fantastic gift for someone elderly. Steve Smith who invented True Call has offered my readers at Caron Cares and elsewhere a generous discount.

He loves the work I am doing at Caron Cares and said this “Entrepreneurial doesn’t always = commercial. “Being innovative as you have been with your blog is a great achievement – even if it doesn’t generate loads of money!”

The discount is £15 off the retail price of and add a free one year extension to their control panel. This gives a total discount of £40.  Truecall said “We would run this promotion until the end of January so that carers could buy their loved one the gift of peace and quiet for Christmas!”

The best way to apply for a TrueCall unit is by phone using this number 0800 0 336 330 and mention Caron Cares and the discount.this image shows the truecall unit. Truecall blocks nuisance calls.


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Designer of the Dementia Assistance Card and Points Of Light award recipient, Caron hopes to help carers when resources are limited and demand is ever-increasing. I am here to support you.

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