Living with Dementia,

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First Steps to Living with Dementia by Dr Simon Atkins.

A diagnosis of dementia is daunting and naturally creates so many questions. The First steps to living with Dementia is one of a series of self help guides on a range of health matters.Simon Atkins is a practising GP and medical journalist and the book is aimed at those readers with little knowledge of the disease or those confused by the array of articles in the media.

First Steps to living with Dementia also has a “Myth Busting” section where it seeks to put things into context and provides hard facts. It is clearly written in short sections starting with detailing what dementia is and what the symptoms are. It also explains the different types of dementia and the processes involved in getting a diagnosis and why it can  be a long drawn out process.

The guide also includes information on conventional  and complementary treatments and where to find legal and financial support. The book also contains lifestyle advice to help reduce the risk of developing the condition for carers, loved ones and interested parties.

The First Steps to living with Dementia is priced at a reasonable £4.99 and is a good basic introduction to the disease. Available here from Amazon( if you do buy using this link I earn a 5% commission at no additional cost to yourself which helps towards the running costs of Caron Cares. It is also available from other retail outlets, the ISBN number is 9780745956231.

It can also be purchased at



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