Ringtons And Residential Homes.


this image shows the Ringtons logo with a horse and cart in the centre


Do you work in a residential care environment ? Do Ringtons call on your home ?

Elderly residents in care homes still like to chose gifts for friends and family, it  helps to keep them independent. How many care homes have a Ringtons retailer visit them?  I contacted Ringtons who said it was down to the individual to invite Ringtons to call on them, so in the case of a residential home either the owner or manager on behalf of their residents. Deliveries are weekly and If the money was collected en mass and then the items distributed to the residents it would solve any potential confusion.  There is also a light hearted monthly newsletter with an order form attached.

this photo shows jelly babies modelled on the elderly


They also have a good range of gifts and seasonal products to suit all budgets and I personally cannot fault the quality of all their products. I do wish however that I wasn’t quite so fond of their triple chocolate cookies!

Established in 1907 using horse and carts for delivery the business is constantly growing and now covering most of the UK. If someone is housebound or finds getting to the shops difficult as many elderly people do this is an ideal service to make use of. I know many of my clients use Ringtons and I have been the recipient of many of their gifts which are always of excellent quality.

this picture shows a tin and some toffees from Ringtons

The  Ringtons Website does carry the full range of products and they do deliver globally. 

Ringtons was founded by founder Samuel Smith  over 100 years ago when he saw the potential of delivering good quality tea and other products direct to customers’ doors.



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