Poor care standards

Nurse and elderly man spending time together Poor Care Standards

I would like to think that since the disclosure of poor care standards at the Stafford Hospital lessons would have been learnt.

I find it difficult that some care personnel seem to miss some simple points when dealing with patients.

Hospital visit.

I am currently visiting an very elderly client of mine who was admitted to our local cottage hospital for investigation into the cause of falls. His last fall resulted in a fractured wrist and he is now in plaster.

I always seem to be there at tea-time as it coincides with my end of day. On my last visit there were two incidents that really annoyed me. As the tea trays were being delivered the gentleman in the bed opposite was distressed and thought he had been forgotten, he kept calling “nurse, don’t I get any supper ?”

The nurse rather than gently reassure him just turned to him and told him to stop calling out !

Just as I was leaving having helped my gentleman even reach his tray another patient asked for my help. He was unable to open the lids on his soup cups and dessert. I was cross because it would have taken the woman who delivered the food seconds to do this for the patients.

I would say to all those who work in care …. think, think and think again. Consider the physical and emotional needs of those in your care. One day it will be you and you would wish this for yourself.


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