What is Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care ?

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Death is rather like sex! No one really likes to talk about it.

Most of us fear death because no one knows what it will be like. No ones knows how they will feel and what they will experience.

Dying Matters is a broad based and inclusive national coalition of 28,000 members, which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards dying, death and bereavement. I was unsure what palliative care was and decided to research it and share it with you.

What is Palliative care and when is it advised ?

The purpose of palliative care is to improve quality of life.

It is administered both during a serious illness and also just before death and consists of measures to relieve pain and maintain your general level of comfort.

Palliative care deals with the treatment of problems including pain, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue and depression.

All symptoms are addressed, including physical, emotional, and spiritual problems.

Another key feature of palliative care is its focus on not only the patient but the family as well. Chronic illness puts special stress on families, and having support can be very helpful.

Talking about and planning for the future can help prepare a person and the person’s family to make the best choices for everyone involved.

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