Emergency Alarm For The Elderly

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Emergency Alarm for the Elderly

An emergency alarm for the elderly  is almost essential and they are available from local councils, Age UK, Saga and many other providers.

A unit is installed simply by plugging into an existing phone socket and the user wears a pendant either around their neck or as a wrist band. In the event of an accident or illness the user can press the button which dials straight through to a monitoring service.

The monitoring service will call the user using the intercom fitted in the main control box plugged into the phone socket. They will ask the user what is wrong and if necessary call the emergency services or family member.

An emergency alarm system provides reassurance to the elderly person and their family and they are available to rent or buy depending on who you choose and then a monthly/annual fee is charged for the service.

A week ago one of my elderly clients collapsed on me – literally! She fell back and I caught her. I was able to lower her to the floor and make her comfortable and even before doing so I had pressed her emergency alarm system pendant and called for help. Within a few minutes I was able to ask for an ambulance which was also here in minutes. This was the first time I thought a client was actually going to die in my arms and I have to admit I was scared. Having the emergency alarm meant calling for an ambulance was swift and I was able to remain with her at all times.

I am pleased to say her collapse was not life-threatening in the end and she is making a good recovery.

I have two points to emphasise here if you care for an elderly person;

  1. If they don’t have an elderly alarm system, try and persuade them to have one ( A great Christmas/Birthday gift for some one who doesn’t need anything.)
  2. If someone you care for does have one, PLEASE encourage them to wear the pendant at all times. It is no use on the bedside cabinet ! THANK YOU.




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