Walking Stick For Stairs

Walking stick for stairs. This image shows an elderly gentleman with a walking stick that fits onto two stair treads. It is rectangular in shape and has a wide handle for stability. The gentleman is using it on a staircase. He is wearing a check shirt and light coloured trousers. He has grey hair and is balding. The walls of the staircase are white and the stair carpet is caramel.

Walking Stick for Stairs

Coming soon to the UK market is a walking stick for stairs. The stair assist cane is the first of its kind and is bound to be a hit. It is perfect for anyone who finds climbing stairs difficult.


Many people are unable to have a stair-lift fitted. People who rent privately and those living in homes with awkward-shaped staircases are among them. The stair assist cane is going to be of benefit to thousands and has already been met with excitement by occupational therapists.

Falls risk

The average straight stair lift costs thousands of pounds brand new with ones for curved stairs costing more. Not everyone has the budget for one and councils no longer fit them as readily as years ago. This leaves thousands of elderly and disabled people struggling to access upstairs rooms safely. With people 1 in 2 people over the age of 85 likely to fall each year, stairs pose a real challenge and danger. Some people find themselves resigned to living in their downstairs rooms which is not ideal if the bathroom is upstairs.

National Trust

This walking stick for stairs is also going to be an asset for places of public interest such as National Trust and National Heritage Properties where the staircases tend to be wide with banisters only accessible on one side. Many visitors are unable to access the first floor of them unless there is a lift. Lifts don’t tend to be in keeping with these protected properties.

Other Places

Other places these specially designed sticks will come into their own will include football stadiums, theatres and concert venues. These are all locations where steps need to be tackled to access seats. The stair assist cane is fully adjustable to various stair heights. Once you arrive at the right place it can be altered to a level position. This then provides you with a sturdy walking aid having 8 ferrules for improved stability.


Whilst this walking aid looks more bulky than other sticks it is incredibly lightweight. This makes it very portable, and comfortable providing improved stability and reassurance to users.


The price of the stair assist cane is going to be in the region of £130.

Watch this space for more details or email me to register your interest at caroncares01@gmail.com



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