Folding walking sticks

World Smallest Folding Walking Stick - Black FloralFolding walking sticks are the the perfect solution for an elderly person needing a little stability when out and are ideal for anyone travelling on public transport.

Most folding walking sticks are small and fit into a handbag or large pocket meaning they are always to hand.

Folding sticks are the most popular type of walking stick sold providing  the ultimate flexibility, “now you see it, now you don’t”

Folding walking sticks are normally cut in to 4 or 5 sections. These sections are then held together with a bungee elastic running from top to bottom inside the shaft .

When the user wants to fold the stick they pull each section apart and fold on to each other. There is a slight resistance from the bungee cord during the folding process.

When they want to use the stick again they just need to let go of the sections and the bungee will snap the sections back together. Most people buy a walking stick case to keep their walking stick from unfolding when they don’t want it to – an elastic band also does the same job.

Whilst folding walking sticks solve many problems they are  understandinly less robust than a standard non folding one and it is recommended that they are not used if the user weighs more than 16 stone.

On balance  however most people find the convenience of having a folding stick outweighs the slight loss of robustness.



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