Walking stick umbrella

this image shows a walking stick which is also and umbrellaWalking stick umbrella

For someone who needs light support from a walking stick and also needs to have an umbrella to hand this fits the bill. Obviously for anyone who needs a significant amount of support they should not use one as they would loose stability when using the umbrella unless stationary.

The Walking Stick Umbrella  by “Charles” and supplied by Co-operative independent living costs £24.99.

  •  The walking stick umbrella has a soft feel crutch handle, adjustable length shaft, rubber ferrule making an attractive umbrella.
  • Popular with customers who need a stick but don’t want it to look like an orthopaedic one. Has a handle which is designed to be leaned upon.
  • Adjust from 32.5 to 36 inches.
  • Umbrella walking sticks are so useful as they eliminate the need to take out a walking stick and umbrella when the forecast is rain. They are also suitable for those who prefer to hold an umbrella rather than a walking stick for discreet support.

The Walking Stick Umbrella
also makes a thoughtful gift for someone elderly or disabled.





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