Macular sunglasses

this image shows a really dark park of oversized sunglasses.
Macular sunglasses  are designed to prevent light entering the eyes.
You have probably seen older people wearing them, the huge ultra-dark sunglasses. They are not fashion victims they are people living with sight loss due to Macular degeneration which is the largest cause of sight loss in the UK

The RNIB  recently released a shocking statement stating that “1.8 million people are living with significant sight loss in the UK and 50 per cent of this sight loss is avoidable. The largest cause of sight loss is Macular degeneration. By 2050 the number of people with sight loss is set to double to four million as the impact of an ageing population makes itself felt”

In 2010 the NHS spent on average of £40,900 per 1,000 head of population on vision problems and this is only set to spiral. Those with sight loss are also significantly more likely to suffer from depression and have an increased risk of sight loss-related conditions, such as falls causing fractures.

What are Macular sunglasses ?

Macular sunglasses are known as oversheilds and designed to fit over a persons other glasses. It is important to reduce the amount of natural and artificial light entering the eye because by age 65 half of the melonin is lost which is the body’s natural defender of harmful UV rays.

What can I do to reduce  my risk of developing macular degeneration?

Sorry smokers! once again smoking affects the circulation also called the vascular system and this includes the eyes. Also diabetes is the major cause of sight loss so it is important to maintain a healthy weight and diet and have enough exercise. Macular sunglasses are difficult to find but I did manage to track some down on Amazon.


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