Walking stick clips

this image shows a walking stick and crutch holding clip,it fixes to the walking aid and can be hooked onto the back of chairs / counter tops etc


Walking sticks are vital to so many elderly and disabled people but they can also be a pain.

How do you solve the problem of walking sticks ending up on the floor when you sit down for a meal at home or out and about ?

this image shows a Bridgit walking stick and crutch holder



This clever clip is Bridgit and is made by a company called Such and Such design who also have some other really helpful products.

Bridgit is a clever, attractive clip that solves the problem of holding crutches and walking sticks when they are not being used. Bridgit can also join two crutches or walking sticks together in a stable X shape to rest against any convenient surface. This is a much  better idea than laying the crutches or stick on the floor.

Bridgit can also be used to hooks single crutches or walking sticks over the back of a chair or hand rail, keeping them out of the way but still within easy reach. Bridgit is easy to use and suitable for all crutches and sticks between 18 – 22mm and sells online for £6.99 each.

I like this product especially as it takes the space left by the “stick stay” made famous by Dragons’ Den which sadly encountered production issues and is no longer available.

I am now hoping that someone will make a clip suitable for the millions of hand held grabbers that always seem to gravitate to the floor !



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