this image shows a portable raised toilet seat

Raised Toilet Seats.


This image shows a raised toilet seat with a metal frame. The frame has 4 legs with grey rubber ferrules. It has arms that people can use to help people get off the toilet.

Raised toilet seats

Raised toilet seats are really useful for elderly people as they make it easier to get on and off the loo. They are available as a raised seat which simply locks onto your toilet rim or as a free-standing frame with an integral seat.

Raised Toilet Seat With Frame

Raised toilet seats with a frame provide increased stability as they have a wider seat and arms. The arms are there to push down on to help you get off the loo. They also reduce the risk of slipping or falling off.

In the past, these were supplied free of charge via NHS prescribing services. It might be worth having a word with your local Social Services department before looking to buy one. Otherwise, they are sold in most disability shops and online (This link will take you to Amazon. If you purchase  anything via this link I earn an affiliate fee which doesn’t cost you a penny)

Whilst the raised toilet seats with integrated frames provide comfort and safety they do take up more space. Also, most metal items in the bathroom will develop rust over time. Whilst this won’t affect function, rust doesn’t look great. These raised toilet seats are priced to be replaceable items.

Raised Toilet Seat Without Frame

The toilet raisers as they are known are available in two heights, 2″ & 4″ depending on the amount of help required. These simply fit onto the rim of the toilet bowl and are easily removed and portable if needed. They are also easy to clean as they don’t have a metal frame. Raised toilet seats also have the advantage of being surprisingly comfortable and warmer in Winter than the usual ones supplied with toilets.

Electric Toilet Seat Raisers

This image shows a raised toilet seat. This one is electric. In the picture it is being demonstrated by a person wearing brown trousers and shoes and a white top. They are also wearing a black cardigan.

If you have the budget there are also electric toilet seat raisers. These cost in the region of £1000, so won’t be affordable for most people. However they are available. These have the


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