Removing Lids


Ice cream tub or challenge of the day ?

To the younger person this looks like an innocuous tub of ice-cream.

To an elderly person to get into this tub is a FEAT, a CHALLENGE and quite often IMPOSSIBLE.

( Apologies to Carte d’ore – I don’t mean your products in particular. I am talking about all sealed tubs and cartons, especially those with the push in seal you have to break to release the lids.

Here is a really simple tip to help an elderly person remain independent at home and prevent immense frustration and possible injury.

This applies to anything with a child-proof top too and can prevent them from using a knife  or similar  sharp object to hack their way in as I have seen happen so many times before. Arthritic fingers and poor sight can really hampers someone elderly and this little bit of help can make all the difference to them and help maintain their independence.


Award-winning blogger and former care columnist for Devon Life magazine. I am passionate about helping elderly people and people with dementia live purposeful and independent lives.
Designer of the Dementia Assistance Card and Points Of Light award recipient, Caron hopes to help carers when resources are limited and demand is ever-increasing. I am here to support you.

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