Denture Cleaning – Top Tip

this image shows a set of false teeth

Cleaning dentures.

When cleaning dentures ensure that you don’t use hot water as this makes dentures brittle and don’t use normal toothpaste as it it too abrasive for them.


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  1. Hello Terry,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. I also found it very interesting that hot water damages dentures. Heat damages plastic over time and dentures are a form of resin/plastic so it stands to reason this may happen. However most of us who clean dentures are unware of this and think we will clean them more thoroughly in hot water. Please sign up for my monthly email newsletter ( if you haven’t already)and please help spread the word about my blog.

  2. What? Hot water is bad for dentures? I knew about the special toothpaste, but not about the hot water. That actually explains a few things.

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