Making bathing easier for the elderly

a bath seat situated in rather than on the bath


Making bathing easier for the elderly.

With mobility issues and increased risk of falls many elderly people avoid taking a bath. There are several products available to make bathing easier for the elderly.

The ideal solution is an electric bathing aid which automatically lowers them into the bath and then raises them out when finished. These are expensive and not everyone has thousands of pounds to spend.

Cheaper alternatives are seats that fit into the bath like the one shown above. This slatted bath seat costs less than £25 and means the user is able to be in the water but with less of a struggle to get out as they are raised from the bottom of the bath. Ideally they would have a non-slip bath mat in place and hand rails to grip to pull on to get out.

Alternatives include a bath seat that fits over the bath and allows the user to sit on it and swing their legs round. The seat swivels to assist with this. This type of seat is better suited to someone who has an over bath shower. It allows them to shower safely without the risk of falling. These seats cost less than £90 in some cases.

a seat that fits over a bath allowing the user to take a shower safely


A cheaper alternative to the seat above is a slatted version. This is more of a perch and doesn’t offer the same degree of safety as it does not have a back.

a slatted bath board allowing the user to sit and take a shower


All these products can be used in conjunction with step products outside of the bath to make it easier.

It is always worth bearing in mind that you may be able to get some equipment loaned free of charge from the occupational therapy department at your local hospital and that some local councils will provide grants towards the cost of alterations to the home for wet rooms.

Making bathing easier for the elderly also makes it safer and maintains independence for longer.


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