Bathing aids for the elderly

This picture shows the legs of a lady in the bath, surrounded by bubbles

We all love a bath.

Nothing beats relaxing in a nice deep bath with the water surrounding us. For many elderly people mobility problems mean getting in and out of the bath can be difficult and  at times dangerous.

Walk in showers and wet rooms are a solution, but many people prefer to keep a bath in the house as it can affect property values not to have one.

There are several bathing aids for the elderly available ranging from simple steps to seats to more expensive bath lifts.

This image shows a bath stool inside a bath

This is an inexpensive solution, a Bath Seat .

This is useful in as much as an elderly person is not sat on the bottom of the bath and so easier to get in and out. The draw backs with these stools however is more of the body is out of the water and it is not possible to lie back and relax.

Bath Steps that can be stacked to make the climb into the bath safer are available and grip rails can be fitted too.

this image shows steps that can be stacked ontop of each other to make the climb into the bath  safer


To really make bathing safer a bath lift seat is the most useful of the bathing aids for the elderly.

Ranging in price depending on the make and model they offer the greatest degree of safety and the ability to actually sit on the bottom of the bath. These can also be hired from various disability centres.



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