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this shows and elderly woman in a specially adapted shopping trolleyCongratulations to Tesco for actually recognising the fact their customers are ageing and have different needs.

I regularly see people struggling around our local store in Exmouth as we have a very high population of elderly residents.

They take longer to move around the shop due to mobility issues, find it harder to reach items as they have shortened with age, find it harder to read prices due to sight loss and find the chip and pin a challenge as they can’t remember their number.

These are just some of the challenges elderly shoppers face but shopping is not only important it is part of life. Oakhouse foods offer an amazing grocery to the door service but there is still nothing to beat actually visiting the supermarket and selecting your shopping if you want to. It is all part of remaining independent and social.

Many elderly people would go days not seeing someone if they did not get out and visit the shops.

There are supermarkets now being built to accommodate the differing needs of the elderly, however I feel these although brilliant are segmenting and not integrating the elderly in society which is essential.

Many thanks to the lovely lady who had had a knee replacement and was being pushed in this trolley by her daughter in Law. She was very helpful to let me photograph her for this article. She actually said it was making them giggle. The face to face aspect is also very important in maintaining the dignity of a person too. It maintains conversation and involvement rather than just staring at the back of someone’s head and having to lean forward to talk to them.

All in all trolley designer 10/10 for this one.

Next challenge ….. more and more people use a small shopping trolley to carry their shopping home and as yet I have not seen a trolley that has storage space for them this while the customer shops.







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