Aids to squeeze tubes. This image shows a toothpaste tube aid that helps you get product out of the tube. It shows a tube in the holder and the keys that turn the tube to squeeze the product out. The holders are white and the keys are red, green and blue plastic

Help Squeezing Tubes

If you have weakened hands due to arthritis you may need some help squeezing tubes. It’s not just creams and toothpaste that come in tubes many cooking ingredients are packaged this way.

Preparing food with one hand. This image shows a food preparation aid. It is a white board with different stainless steel securing clamps. In this photo it shows someone single-handedly peeling a courgette.

Preparing Food With One Hand

Preparing food with one hand is almost impossible. You don’t realise how much we rely on the second hand until you can’t use it for some reason. This useful board helps resolve many common food prep issues.