Washing Your Feet When You Can’t Reach

Washing your feet when you can't reach them. This image shows the soles of two feet. Each toe has a smiley face drawn on with pen. There is a mottled green background

Washing Your Feet When You Can’t Reach

Getting older often means having reduced mobility and flexibility which makes washing your feet when you can’t reach them difficult. This is not only something experienced by elderly people though. There are many reasons people struggle to wash their feet including people with;

  • Osteoarthritis in the hip or spine,
  • Pregnant women,
  • People who are overweight,
  • People with balance issues
  • Post op patients

Why clean feet are important

Not only do clean feet smell nicer, but good foot care is important as it helps increase circulation. This is especially important to anyone who is diabetic. Regular monitoring of the condition of their feet and checking for signs of skin damage is necessary. Many diabetic people visit a podiatrist or chiropodist to keep their feet in good condition. This used to be readily available on the NHS via a GP referal.

Clever solutions to washing your feet when you can’t reach them.

The Grecians introduced the first foot baths in the second millennium BC. These spas promoted healing using therapeutic water to relieve fatigue and improve health. Nowadays electric foot spas are commonplace and an affordable alternative to a beauty salon. Working on the same principle they are relaxing whilst promoting health benefits. Warm bubbles and a gentle massage not only relax and soothe they can also help promote better circulation, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.
this image shows a pink Revlon electric foot spa. Other brands do exist
Foot spas like these are great if you can bend and fill them independently. For safety reasons, I would always recommend taking the water to the spa. Filling and carrying it might be unsafe for someone elderly. These are ideal if you have someone such as a carer or relative who can help you and they provide a relaxing way to bathe your feet at home.

Soft bristle foot cleaners

This image shows a pale grey foot scrubber. It has soft rubber bristles that you add shower gel to and rub your feet over it to wash them

These soft bristle mats are a great idea.  Available in various colours and sizes, simply place it securely in your shower cubicle or bath. Then use liquid soap and move your feet around. This creates enough lather to clean your feet and gets between your toes.

If you have balance issues it is always a good idea to use a shower stool or have a grab bar to steady yourself.

How to dry your feet.

It is all good and well-finding solutions to washing your feet but what about drying them? We know it’s important to dry in between our toes to prevent fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

The Toe Towel was designed by a Podiatrist with over 30 years of experience caring for people’s feet. It has a spare cover so you still have one when the other is being washed. It has a long handle making it easy to dry in between your toes.

This image shows a gadget to help dry between your toes when you cant reach.It is a long handled tool with a soft towelling bag at the end

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