Dementia Assistance Range

The Dementia Assistance Range.

In 2015, I had the idea of a card to help people with dementia and their families. A year on and the cards have had over 4,800 downloads. I later added a card for carers and they have now also seen downloads of over 1,000.

To add to the cards, I also later designed adhesive labels and iron on transfers for clothing. These have all been welcomed by both people with dementia, their loved ones and the emergency and medical services.

The cards, labels, and iron on transfers are all available free to make at home and although the video says I make them for free, I did for well over a year at my own expense. I will still make them for people, but I do have to value their worth and my time as they do take a while to make. I charge £10 for a set of 4 laminated cards, a sheet of labels and a lanyard. This includes postage and packaging and for something that is proving so useful, I think this is amazing value.

I am very proud of the range and was then delighted to win a ” Care Innovator” award in 2016 for them which also helps to raise awareness about them so more people know they are available.

Here is the feedback to date.

Feedback – Dementia assistance cards.

Caron. Your card was really useful yesterday morning when mum went wandering  in her nightie , a dress and s dressing gown.
I didn’t even know she had left the house, thought she was upstairs tidying.
Police called me after they were alerted by someone. They knew her name and kept her calm whilst they used the card on her bag to call me. I was there within minutes. The police thought the card was brilliant.
They remarked that it happens all the time

22.10.2016. Sylvia Monteagle.


I’m reading Still Alice at the moment. In the US they have a database where patients wear a band around their wrist. They pay around $50 a year and are on a database so they can be safely returned home.
I’ve relied on your cards and they have helped return mum home once when she went wandering.


Metropolitan Police, Dec.2016 via Twitter “High Barnet Police@MPSHighBarnet  10h10 hours ago

@caroncares2 what a fantasic idea! And a truly important cause #Underhill

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Out shopping today overheard two elderly ladies talking about dementia …’s was lovely to hear they were talking about the dementia assistance cards…….I did asked them where they got their cards from and they told me the advice centre ….Will be calling in them soon to catch up ……..thank you Belfast for sharing Caron Sprake dementia assistance cards………I am here to help you in anyway ……..big smiles all round. Anne Donnely ( Belfast) Dec 2016.


Caron has given Eddy a sense of importance with the Dementia cards he wears his every minute and shows it to anyone who visits he’s so proud of his business card xx

we are all learning new stuff along with you Eddys just sorting out his fishing gear for sunday and he’s hung the dementia business card on the hanger with his coat lol he’s so proud of it. Lorraine Solomon.


They have been invaluable thankyou. My mum has one on her set of keys  & shows it off proudly to her friends. Also their is one in her purse. I now know that if she was out without me the cards will help somebody to help her. Excellent idea …Jenny Gard



Good morning Caron……We have received the Dementia cards….OMG they are bloody brilliant.    We have asked a few people where we live what they would pay, well they all said £12-50 for the pack including p&p……minimum £10…………our friends think they are superb and well worth spending money on them…….when the daughter gets back i will get her to take a pic of ours and post them in the group.     Thank you so much Caron… i say they are bloody brilliant my friend.


Aug 16

Brilliant cards I am so pleased I saw them
they are a brilliant help to my Dad and their stickers were put on my Dad hospital files my Dad  New Doctor is going to introduce them
In her clinic  and her medical students she was amaze at how helpful their are she said every doctor should know about these cards and she said the lady who made them is a wonderful and caring lady she said keep up the good work xTracy


Hi,just like to say thank you for my cards, they will come in very useful, really will come in handy thanks again x Y. Mastin


I’m so happy to get a lovely message from Pauline on receiving her dementia assistance cards.she wasn’t sure that her father-in-law would accept them!, but she brought them over to let him see them,” and I delighted to say that he was very pleased .”,I’m so happy knowing that Caron Sprake and myself have given him  some support and help something like the dementia assistance cards are taken some pressure of him and they are  . Helping others ..These cards are very important and they do work.


Ours arrived today. Thank you so much. Mum went wandering again last night, luckily found by Police. I feel so much better now she is carrying this card in her purse and one tagged on her bag. X


The dementia assistance cards have arrived in Belfast thanks to Caron Sprake.I’m so happy that others are downloading them as I speak ! The people of Belfast feel a lot safer now knowing that their loved ones have them. One person I talked to said ‘This will take a bit of pressure off her knowing that mother has the card ” Plus lots of thanks from others who received their cards.Thank you caron for caring xxxx Anne Donnelly.


Thank you Caron got the cards this morning they will help a lot xxx Margaret Crawford


Hi Caron I received my cards yesterday morning thank you so much they will be so helpful ❤ xx Iris Hawkins.


My husband went out to walk dog this morning and just when I was getting worried I got a phone call. He was lost and because he had one of your cards round his neck a kind gentleman called me and also brought him home. Thank you so much for all you do xx(Karen Payne)


Thanks to these cards my daddy can go to his club everyday, he has one on his house keys,another incorporated in his wallet and another at the moment attached inside his winter hat. Now we are not as stressed and by that I mean dad too. When he goes out, he keeps to his own comfortable radias but  on occasions he has gone a bit off track. He has twice shown his card, and thank God the person has called me. These cards are giving my dad not just his bit of independence but at 80yrs also some semblance of life, please try these cards. Thank you. Caronxx Leigh Brown.


Caron, I had a call this morning from my husband’s Uncle who is 91. His wife who has dementia had been picked up from their home and taken to hospital for the first day of respite. She called him after an hour asking why he hadn’t gone with her as she was lost. She had been dropped at the hospital door and left. She found her way to reception and had the sense to hand them her assistance card with John’s number on it. I just wanted to let you know these cards work and are being used. Thank you from Jean and John. You saved her from much angst. When you think about it these cards worked on so many levels. It simply got the call to Jeans husband, gave her some reassurance and saved the hospital receptionist valuable time. Jane Ashenden.


Thank you for Eddy’s’ dementia assistance cards that have just arrived,he’s got one on his keychain,one in his wallet and one pinned inside his coat he feels very important as they have his name on he told the postman they are his business cards lol. Lorraine Solomon.


Thank you Caron Sprake for my future lifesavers, beautifully done xx Lorayne Burgess( age 50)


I have them Caron, but have to be careful with mum because she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her.  I carry mine but can’t sneak it in her bag because she keeps going through it.    I tell everyone about them so I’m trying in the South East. Lesley Gillingham


This is an absolutely fantastic thing that you have done Caron, I just wish I’d known of them when Mam was still able to shop etc, your work is tireless and so so many people suffering from these cruel diseases and their families will be hugely grateful for them for years to come flower!! Xxx Rachel Alldread.

Thank u so much. I just got them He put them in his pocket. But does not understand. He does not remember he has a disease or believe it. They make me feel a bit better. I’m putting them in his shirt pocket.Sara. (Florida)


Thank you so much for mine. I’ve put one on my bag and the reaction when people saw it was amazing. I haven’t got a clue who they were (Den said I knew them) but they all said they would look out for me. I have two in my purse, so thank you once again. They are a definite must have, the ones you made for me, one is tied to my bag which I take everywhere with me. They make me feel that I’m not alone. Thank you xxxx Diane Peake.


great idea…I will use them when we take residents on trips out, it helps them to have a bit more freedom and independence as well =) x

Jan Millward


Caron, I’m going to create them for users with mental health conditions when they are in the community. I have that meeting on the 18th which will hopefully see these babies being used on a huge scale xxx Gayle Everest


I am an Activity coordinator in a care home in Dorset. I think these cards are a wonderful idea and have passed the link to my manager. I organise trips out on a regular basis to gardens, the seaside, stately homes etc. These cards are a back up for us and help our residents maintain their independence whilst away from the home. By carrying these cards, in the unlikely event someone was to get separated from the group, by showing this card, they would potentially avoid stress and worry as we could be quickly contactable. Thank you for adding another tool to our tool chest, the added bonus is that this is free!


Thanks Caron for the cards . They great I’ll feel better going out now – Mary


I received the Dementia Assistance cards today! Thank you so much Caron they are great! They will come in very handy I’m sure 🙂 xx Ali


Thank you for my dad’s memory cards Caron, received them this morning,they are brilliant. Thank you so

much. Xx Dianne.


Caron my cards arrived today. I just wanted to convey my sincere thanks. Hope you have a lovely weekend  x 😊


Hi Caron I have received cards today.Thank you so much for making these they will come in very useful when we’re out and about with my mum.You’re doing a wonder thing making these ,and appreciate what u have done many thanks Regards Helen x


Love mine Caron. Thank you Again so much❤


These are brilliant, I take one with me wherever I go  xx


These cards are excellent I downloaded them myself and they’ve made a real difference thank you so much xxx


So pleased I saw these cards today their will make a big difference to my Dad life and will help other people to understand when Dad get stressed or upset and the nurse will understand to I will be telling my friends about and how their will make a difference thank you from Tracey Irene Alan Giles family xxxx


Hi Caron I received the assistance cards today for my dad, there great and we’re very grateful, thanks again your doing a fantastic job 😄 X


What your doing is amazing and so many families will benefit from what your doing, keep up the fantastic work 😄 X Joan Holmes


I received my cards this morning, I am over the moon. I can’t thank you enough x


May I say On behalf of all the people who need these.A very Big Thank you .You are a Star


Award-winning blogger and former care columnist for Devon Life magazine. I am passionate about helping elderly people and people with dementia live purposeful and independent lives.
Designer of the Dementia Assistance Card and Points Of Light award recipient, Caron hopes to help carers when resources are limited and demand is ever-increasing. I am here to support you.

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