This article is called "Footwear For People Who Have Had A Stroke". This image shows an ankle boot that is black. It has a flat rubber sole and a slightly elevated heel. The boot is mid calf height and has two velcro straps to fasten.

Footwear for Someone Who Has Had A Stroke

Footwear for someone who has had a Stroke needs to be comfortable and easy to put on and remove. Feet can become swollen if you or someone you care for are immobile for any period. This is highly likely in the period following a Stroke.

Your footwear also needs to fit well and have a good grip to prevent the risk of having a fall when starting to mobilise again.

this image shows a person performing a diabetic prick test to test blood sugar levels. It shows a glucose testing machine and a testing strip it also shows a drop of blood on the finger next to the persons ring finger.

Caring For A Diabetic Wound

Diabetes affects 1 in 20 of the adult population. This is approximately 850,000 and it is essential to have some understanding into caring for a diabetic wound to prevent serious complications.