Sunshine,vitamin D and the elderly

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In 2009 medical experts stated that the elderly would benefit from more exposure to the sun to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes and that increased vitamin D can help to reduce falls.

Vitamin D and the elderly.

It has been suggested that an elderly person only needs three 15 minute sessions of sun exposure per week to enable the body to absorb sufficient vitamin D. The suns’ energy turns a chemical in the skin to vitamin D3 which is then carried to the liver and onto the kidneys where it becomes active vitamin D.

This vitamin is essential for the absorption of calcium for strong bones and phospherous which contributes to healthy teeth and bones.

It is important to remember the skin of an elderly person is as sensitive as that of a new born as it is thinner and more likely to burn.

Exposure to the suns harmful rays has also been contributed to the development of age related macular degeneration and sunglasses and a hat are advisable.

We all need some exposure to the sun to make sufficient Vitamin D  but it is easy to over do it.

Cancer Research UK remind us that sunburn can happen as easily in the UK as it can abroad.

A  single painful case of sunburn every two years can  triple the risk of Malignant Melanoma, with 2,209 deaths from this most dangerous skin cancer in 2011. Ensure plenty of sun cream is to anyone elderly you care for and limit exposure to the sun.







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