This image is shows a large white window pane. It has one large single centre panel and two equal length ones divided in two. In total there are 5 windows. Their is a window blind and it is almost to the window sill. Just above the window sill is a green sheet of card attached to the window. The card is part of a simple alert system to allow elderly people to signal whether they are OK or need help

Simple Alert System

This simple alert system uses coloured card as indicators with green for “OK”, amber ” I could use some help” and red “I NEED help now”. Such a simple idea it is genius. Ideal for anyone elderly or vulnerable.

this image shows a set of 3 brightly coloured key holders designed for people with arthritic fingers


Keywings are cheerful rubber attachments for door keys. Designed to make life easier for millions of older people by increasing the grip.

This image shows a row of washing machines and a pile of laundry

Care Home Laundry

No-one wants to think of a loved one wearing clothes belonging to someone else in a care home environment. There are a few simple things you can do to prevent this.