Helping the elderly get in and out of cars

a yellow taxi sign with the word taxi in black print Mobility problems make it increasingly harder to get in and out of the back seats of most cars. Elderly passengers usually resort to gripping onto the front headrests to pull themselves up and these don’t provide a safe firm grip.

Helping the elderly get in and out of cars has been made easier with these affordable and easily fitted grips


The technical details include

  • Get in and out of the car with ease
  • Easy grip handle
  • Simple to install
  • Support resistant weight is 220lb
  • Requires removable headrest with two support posts

Here are a couple of reviews from people who have purchased and used the grips.

“What a brilliant idea. We ordered these for a disabled lady to help her to hold on to something to get in and out of the car. They are great and easy to use”
“I’ve not used it myself but my elderly parents, who I bought it for, report that they’re very good and do indeed help you get in and out of the car.”
The reason I have used a taxi photo here is because many elderly people use them on a daily basis and these handy grippers would make a thoughtful , yet inexpensive addition to any vehicle.
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