Assisted travel for the elderly

 Assisted Travel for the elderly and disabled

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Having recently seen an air line passenger desperately upset and shaking having had to negotiate 16 wet metal steps at a foreign airport reminded me to share this post again and ensure that more people know help is available. It is also a prompt for me to ensure that all travel agencies both on and off line are making customers aware at the point of booking too.

Many elderly and disabled people still want to travel by public transport and planes. This can be a daunting situation to some especially those with sight and mobility problems.

Many people are unaware that there is plenty of help available. This is known as assisted travel and it can be organised either through a  travel agent when a ticket booking is placed or directly with the stations or airports used.

Assisted travel  for the elderly offers the user ramps at stations to help getting on and off trains. It also offers in some cases help getting you to your next destination using a wheelchair and lifts.

In airports assisted travel helps you check in if necessary. You will then be taken to the departure lounge and helped getting to and on the plane.

Age should never be a barrier to travel. One of my ladies who is a young 70 but losing her sight due to Macular degeneration was able to travel half way around the world 2 years ago using the assisted travel help.

To find out more contact the departure airport or station in good time (at least 48 hours in advance) and simply say that assisted travel is required.

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