Personal care should not be a luxury

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Is personal care for the elderly becoming a luxury ?

When someone cannot care for themselves it should not be a luxury to have good personal care. As we all know many people do not the receive the care they deserve and or in some cases pay for. Recent TV programmes show carers leaving early and in many cases elderly people can go several days without a decent wash.

Simple tasks we take for granted such as a hair wash, decent shave ( in the case of men mostly) and perhaps a good leg and foot wash should not be a treat. Sadly  however in many cases it is.

If you know someone who is struggling to maintain good standards of personal care you may be able to offer to help.

They may be reluctant at first but really appreciate your help. Good appearance and a feeling of being cared for whether it is from an outside carer who is efficient and thorough or from a relative or friend can make a huge difference to the elderly persons self-esteem.

To feel worthy of being looked after to a high standard is more often than not a luxury.

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