This image shows a row of washing machines and a pile of laundry

Care Home Laundry

This image shows a row of washing machines and a pile of laundry

Care Home Laundry

Moving into residential care more often than not means that the home will do your laundry for your you or your loved one. There are certain ideas that you can follow to ensure your clothes wash and wear well and are reunited with you in a timely manner.

Most care homes do not have the facility to air dry clothes on a washing line. Clothes are tumbled, so clothes that are suitable for this are ideal. M&S have a whole range of jumpers that are suitable for tumbling (Other retailers do exist).

When it comes to staff being able to reunite you with your own pants and PJ’s it is a good idea to label them. This can be done in it’s simplest form with a laundry marker or one of the new ‘Sharpie’ pens. These are waterproof permanent markers.

You can also use name tape labels. Back in the day these were sewn in ( so laborious and boring ) – now iron on ones are available. These save a huge amount of time and again are pretty affordable.

There are also tagging products available such as the one pictured below. These retail at the £25 mark for a kit including tags and the applicator tool.

These are waterproof and hard wearing. No-one wants to think of themselves or someone else wearing someones’ clothes.


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