This image show a Rolly stocking aid. This helps people put surgical stockings on with ease.

Making Stockings Easy to Put on and Take off.

Making Stockings easy to put on and take off.

Rolly on and off.

I recently shared a post on the Actiglide stocking application aid which helps make it easier to put surgical stockings on. My Mother in Law needed to wear surgical stockings to help her circulation and heal leg ulcers. They are a bugger (excuse my French) to get on and I used to resort to turning my back to her and literally struggling to get them on. Ultimately this was not good for her legs which were already tender and delicate, nor my poor fingers and hands!This image show a Rolly stocking aid. This helps people put surgical stockings on with ease.

I am all in favour of anything that makes people’s lives better and easier and the Actiglide was a good start.

Today at work (I am an Assistant Manager of a residential care home) I saw the District Nurse use a Rolly on and off. 

It looked so easy to use and so comfortable for the elderly lady concerned. Less pulling and risk of further damaging her already paper thin skin on her legs. The District Nurse did stress that the Rolly does work best with stockings that have a toe ( full stocking). Many people chose ones without toe coverage as not everyone likes having their toes encased.

I would be interested to hear from you if you have used one of these. How easy did you find it to use? Any tips that you would like to share with readers?


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