The Blue Badge Company

this image shows a blue badge holder with a dog design  from the Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company

As Ellen Green from the Blue Badge Company has recently pitched to the Dragons on Dragons Den I thought it was timely to include a post about her business.

How the Blue Badge Company came to be. 

In 2010 disabled designer Camilla Hall received her first Blue Badge. Searching for a wallet to store and protect it, Camilla discovered the only holders available looked like many other disability products; clinical, dull, surprisingly difficult to use or with an embossed wheelchair logo on the front! Then Ellen her friend joined her and the company was born.

This short video explains more.

Camilla left with Ellen buying her out. Ellen knew that she had to increase the orders and gave herself a year to achieve this. Her big break came when chemist giant Boots placed a game-changing order for 10,000 holders. Before this the  Blue Badge Company was getting good reviews, but nobody knew the product existed, which limited sales.

Now Ellen  thinks the disability market is changing, with a new customer demand for stylish products. “My mum does not want beige products, she wants nice and funky, unique and designer,” says Green. At the Blue Badge Company, beige is most definitely banned – the top selling permit holders are a vintage rose pattern and a quirky owl design.

“The market is growing, that’s for sure, and it’s certainly not a niche market,” says Green. “Disability is something that affects a fifth of the population – 12 million people in the UK. There’s a huge opportunity for innovative companies.”Before the game-changing Boots order, Blue Badge Company was getting good reviews, but nobody knew the product existed, which limited sales.

Discover more in the interview Ellen gave the Guardian following her decision to refuse the £70,000 investment she asked for from Touker Souleyman’s.

Use this link to visit the Blue Badge Company and see their range of Blue Badge holders and growing range of other products. Beige not allowed !



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  1. Here is the link for the Blue Badge Company where you can buy the permit holders. They will also be able to advise you on cutting in half to make two. Please spread the word about Caron Cares and thank you for contacting me Jill.

  2. Can’t get to boots can I buy online. How much for the blue badge holder and is it ok to cut it in to 2 to get it on the holder

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