Can I hire a stair lift

This image shows a white staircase with railings and a stairlift at the bottomCan I hire a stair lift instead of buying one ?

Do you know someone elderly who wants to remain at home but is finding the stairs difficult to manage ? Having a stair lift installed it the perfect answer and far more affordable than moving home.

A couple I know are considering one and recently made enquiries. The sales engineer arrived promptly measured up and was very polite and efficient. A few days later a quote arrived and needless to say it was for rather a large sum of money.

Did he mention they could rent a stair lift or have a reconditioned one installed which would save them thousands ? No !

I have discovered “Hire a stair lift” a company with a no-nonsense approach to excellent customer service. They offer amazing value for money for reconditioned stair lift installations and I would question why anyone would want to buy new ?

Hire a stair lift do not employ sales people and invite you to ring them on 07824698875 with your requirements.
They state the price they quote will be the one paid and providing someone living at the property has an irreversible illness there is no VAT to pay. They also claim to beat any genuine quote price wise.
Hire a stairlift will put you at ease and save you thousands in the process!!!


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