this image shows a set of 3 brightly coloured key holders designed for people with arthritic fingers


this image shows a set of 3 brightly coloured key holders designed for people with arthritic fingers

Meet the new Keywings


How lovely are these? Introducing the new key aid, Keywings.

I love the fact they look so good, bright cheerful colours. Less able should never mean less lovely to look at should it? Lets be honest disabled aids in the past have all looked pretty dull and sterile.

The Keywing was designed by London-based designer Geoff Rolandsen. He saw his father living with deteriorating dexterity and the daily challenges this caused. As a result, he decided to help. Geoff set out to design a beautiful, desirable product that could help restore his Fathers independence and that of the 10 million people in the UK who live with arthritis and reduced dexterity.

“It was incredibly frustrating to know that a task as simple as opening the front door, is such a challenge to so many people” says Rolandsen. 

Originally designed and prototyped for his father’s needs, receipt of the Versus Arthritis and Design Council award confirmed the significance of the problem and potential of the Keywing.

Thanks to the award and their support, the Keywing is now available to assist millions who struggle with keys every – day.

Often, the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

The Keywings are award-winning and can also help children with their smaller fingers. People with MS, elderly people and anyone with a weak grip.

Keys are tricky. People with reduced dexterity really struggle. This shouldn’t  cause a loss of independence, comfort or safety

People who have purchased them, on the whole, love them and find them very helpful. One person did comment saying that they don’t work on all door locks. His key did not protrude sufficiently from the Keywing to work.



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