this image shows an inflatable basin to aid hair washing in a bed or wheelchair

Hair washing aid.


How to overcome the difficulties of washing someone’s hair when they can’t shower.

This is such a common problem and one that calls for a hair washing aid.  Clean hair not only contributes to a more attractive appearance but is essential to wellbeing. Feeling fresh and clean is important for someone’s self-esteem and mental health.

For many people with dementia, the shower can become a terrifying ordeal. Dementia heightens the feeling of the water droplets on the person’s skin and it can feel as though it is stinging. The sound of the gushing water can also make people with the disease feel anxious as the it sounds louder to them than it does to us. Also, the temperature we feel may not be the temperature they feel, what is safely warm to us may feel scalding to them. All too often, taking a shower can become a battle with many caregivers simply giving up.

A good all-over strip wash is a suitable alternative but even using the dry shampoos that are available leave a residual build up over time. You can use microwave shower caps and these have proven very useful albeit expensive. You have to be careful to ‘agitate’ the cap gently otherwise you will agitate the person you are assisting!

Available from Amazon Prime for next day delivery and costing £13.99 this is a handy investment for all the family. It is not only designed for elderly and disabled people but can be used for home hair dying and even home cuts – just mind the sharp scissors and the rubber!

Inflatable shampoo basin.

This neck shower tray is a light-weight,  soft and portable shampoo basin. It can be used to help wash someone’s hair if they are in a wheelchair or bed making it a game-changer. 

This portable shampoo basin takes only seconds to inflate and will remain inflated for ages. For additional comfort, place a towel around the person’s neck and one on their shoulders beneath the tray.

The suppliers are so confident with the quality of their product they are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee and money-back promise.

this image shows an inflatable basin to aid hair washing in a bed or wheelchair

Reviews are good and this is also ideal for anyone who has had cataract surgery and can’t wash their hair for a few days. If you purchase one, I will earn a whopping 69p. This won’t buy the babies milk but every little helps!  If you click the link and buy the no water shower caps I will earn 89P.

Please dig deep! Buy both and make me £1.58!

This doesn’t cost you anymore. It is Amazon’s way of thanking me for making your life easier.

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Buy for now. Caron.

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