Hair loss in elderly women

this shows a female with grey hair smiling with her hands behind her head.


What causes hair loss in elderly women and what can be done about it ?

We don’t call it our “crowning glory” for nothing, most of us like having hair so it is a bitter blow when hair loss occurs.

Hair loss in elderly women and men is common as they age but where as men loose theirs in one place, women tend to generally thin all over.

General health as well as age plays a part and a low thyroid status is associated with hair loss, which is also made worse by stress. Stress can cause hair loss in elderly women months after the event, for example following bereavement.

What can be done to treat hair loss in elderly women ?

There is treatment available through a GP in the form of a drug called Minoxidil. This is a solution applied directly to the scalp and is effective in both sexes, however thinning of the hair is an inevitable part of ageing.


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