This image shows two silver Christmas baubles and one pink bauble resting in some gold tinsel

How to have a dementia-friendly Christmas

For someone caring for someone with dementia, Christmas can bring on added pressure and issues. It is often forgotten that caring responsibilities can be relentless and exhausting. For the person with dementia, they need familiarity and Christmas brings lots of additional decorations and visitors

Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment

Years of painstaking studies have delivered gains in the understanding of dementia.This has laid the foundation for a revolution in earlier diagnosis and effective treatment of the disease. This is a cause for hope for millions in the future

This shows an OM interactive Mobile projection system projecting a picture of a lamb onto a table top

Mobii Interactive Systems

The Mobii interactive system provides a perfect way to involve people of all physical and mental abilities in activity. Using motion detecting light beams they project 100’s of different apps onto any light surface.

this image shows a digital display frame and the photo shown is of 3 young girls laying on their fronts chatting

Digital Display Frame

These frames are also a relaxing alternative to TV and I know several care homes use them to share photos of activities residents have enjoyed. Many of them have the capacity to store thousands of photos in a compact and easy to view way.