Dementia and Activities

Rose Lodge, Exmouth, Devon

Dementia is on the rise with 1 in 3 people in residential care suffering from the condition.

Rose Lodge in Exmouth, Devon is a specialist home for people with the condition. I live in the town and had no idea of the progressive work they are doing with their residents.

Combining technology with stimulating activities they are recording this on line with their very own blog. This serves as an interesting visual reminder to the residents about the activities they have been involved with. It  must also be lovely for relatives who are unable to visit regularly to see their family member having fun and looking content.

Research has shown that by giving a dementia sufferer tasks  to do , and responsibility to care for something ( even a plant) that in many cases the cognative decline is slower than a  person left unstimulated.

Congratulations on the work they are doing and I hope to write a follow up to this article regarding the residents response to the blog and activities.

To visit their blog click this link

I emailed Peter at Rose Lodge to congratulate them on the project and ask whether the residents enjoy participating and this was his reply

“Hi Caron,

Some residents enjoy the blog though at the moment we do not have a consistent way of sharing it with them (thoughts of a wall mounted ipad).

The main benefits are for family who love it, particularly those who live to far away to visit often (some abroad). And also people who may be thinking about moving to a care home, it gives a flavor of what life would be like at Rose Lodge. And it appears the competition reads as we are seeing gardens chickens etc popping up in other local care homes which is a good thing.

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