This shows an OM interactive Mobile projection system projecting a picture of a lamb onto a table top

Mobii Interactive Systems


Mobii Interactive System

If you are looking for an inclusive activity for your care or educational setting, look at the Mobii Interactive system. I can personally vouch for their effectiveness having worked for the company until Covid resulted in care settings going into lockdown.

People With Dementia

These motion-activated projectors are brilliant for people with dementia. The projections respond to the slightest of movements whether this be a person’s hand or as a result of rolling a ball across the table. The beauty is there’s no right or wrong way to achieve a positive outcome.

I have seen people with dementia respond to using one of these systems when they don’t engage in other activities.

Any Surface

Originally designed to be used on floors or tables, the system works surprisingly well on someone’s bed or lap when used with a light-coloured fabric sheet. This provides a calming, sensory experience for someone who is receiving end-of-life care and it is one of the most inclusive activities available.

Multitude of Apps

Each system comes with over 100 pre-installed apps. Choose from wild bird songs in the countryside to fish in the sea, there is something for everyone and all abilities. You can have games, quizzes or just some slap-dash fun! Some of my personal favourites where the berry splat where you squash raspberries and blackberries – very satisfying and the cracking egg ones.




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