Musical reminiscence

a woman wearing period costume and playing a banjo ukilele

What is musical reminiscence ?

Musical Reminiscence is the perfect blend of several highly therapeutic and enjoyable activities for the elderly  with as the name suggests music being the key stimulus.

Adapting to each of the areas elderly  people respond to, the specialist  offering music reminiscence can help revive memories, stimulate participation and interaction with others.

Taking participants on a journey that reflects and also lifts their moods the stimulus of the music and personal interaction participants can also gain health benefits from singing and moving with instruments and actions.  This gentle exercise is good for the lungs, brain and soul.

Socially music is the most inclusive form of entertainment to bring groups of people together for the first time at the twilight of their lives.

Music and interaction can also help relieve tensions within a group and allow the least able to communicate  to share something in the most enjoyable manner.

In Musical Reminiscence three senses are engaged:  the sight of the therapist in their vibrant costume and looking at the reminiscence;  the touch of the fabrics used in the costumes and the reminiscence objects and instruments. Lastly  the sound of the different music and their own voices.

Each aspect used can be blended, extended or reduced according to the group, their mood and their needs on the day.

This is a flexible experience and is person centred.

Rowena Wilson who is a specialist music reminiscence therapist is available  in the West Country only but her CD is on sale and she is writing a book about music reminiscence.


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