Folding Hoists For Mobility Scooters

 Folding hoists for mobility scooters

Folding hoists for mobility scooters are a relatively new concept. They are ideal if you are finding it hard to lift your scooter into the boot of your car. If you don’t want to have a permanent hoist installed in your vehicle folding hoists for mobility scooters are ideal. you. Many people chose these as they avoid having to drill mounting holes in their car boots potentially devaluing the vehicle.

Compact scooters are heavy

There are many compact scooters available with one common factor. However, they are heavy.  This stands to reason as you are trying to lift the whole item. Alternatively, boot scooters which dismantle into five components are good if you can bend safely. Lifting each piece independently makes it easier. Folding scooters have lithium batteries to reduce the weight but are still usually too heavy for a one-person lift. Sadly they need to have some weight for safety reasons, they are built to carry people!


There are several hoist options available. From simple cord operations to more sophisticated lever arms that move out of the boot. These lower to the height of the scooter lifting into the boot. These are the most common choice but are permanent and expensive.

Motion Healthcare have a solution. It is a portable folding hoist.  Admittedly, it’s an additional piece of equipment for you to take in your car but it is a viable option if you don’t want a permanent hoist, or if your vehicle is unsuitable for one.

No need to dismantle

This portable folding hoist has a 50kg weight capacity equal to two sacks of potatoes and can easily manage most scooters. It has a  lightweight design has a hard-wearing frame and is easily moved.  There is no need to dismantle the scooter provided your boot is large enough. For smaller boots, this hoist can also be used to elevate the separate components of a 5 part boot scooter. With this, the rear wheels housing the motor and the footplate are the heaviest parts, followed by the seat.

This hoist weighs only 10kg but may require some help getting it into the back of the car. It all depends on space and how much leverage you have with the rear doors. Ideal if you have a really good boot with a level lip. However, not all cars have this.

Permanent Hoists

These hoists also have safety straps to secure your scooter or scooter components as its being lifted. It is electrically operated electrically using a handheld, push-button device.




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