Mobility Scooter Maintenance.

this shows a mobility scooter being driven at high speed

I feel the need. The need for speed !

On a more serious note, the use of mobility scooters has increased significantly in recent years as they become more affordable and more widely available.

Regular servicing helps prolong the life of the scooter and maintain its speed. Keeping the battery in good condition will also help save  money and ensure the scooter is ready to go every time.

Take simple precautions like keeping the scooter battery charged and keeping the battery in a cool and dry place. It is also wise to prevent the teller (the control panel between the handle bars) dry. This can be achieved with an inexpensive waterproof cover which keeps the electrics dry. A good idea to keep the user more visible to road users is to put a high visibility vest on the back of the seat. Many scooters on the roads are not clearly visible and an accident waiting to happen.

Keep a check on tyres too and have them replaced if they are showing signs of wear or damaged.

“Operation Visible.”

I have secured Rotary club funding to provide high visibility vests to scooter users in my locality and to then raise awareness amongst manufacturers and encourage them to do so at the point of manufacture. I have called this “Operation Visible”.

Such is my commitment to this cause I will also send out a vest to anyone who does not have access to one. Please just leave a comment using the above tab and leave the name and address it is to go to.



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