Future Home Care, Robots?

I personally think this is a little futuristic but I can also see the advantages.
I like the fact ‘Hector’ can detect physiological signs in the person they care for and to be honest a caring Robot is better than an uncaring carer !

Robotic Companion Supports Assisted Independent Living

Researchers in Europe have developed robotic assistance for the elderly as part of the CompanionAble integrated project. The four-year project was awarded EUR 7.8 million in funds under the EU Seventh Framework Programme ‘Information and communication technologies’ theme to the team comprising 19 specialist partners.

The project titled ‘Integrated Cognitive Assistive and Domotic Companion Robotic Systems for Ability & Security’ (CompanionAble), is being led by Professor Atta Badii of the University of Reading, UK.

A robotic companion named ‘Hector’ and intelligent home environment was developed by the research team, which will aid elderly people to live richer and more independent lives. The robot can respond to commands such as ‘go to the kitchen’, and ‘follow me’ interactively and can perform certain functions such as switching-on and switching-off lights, regulating central heating, opening and closing windows, and other such functions.

It can detect appliances that have been switched on, and can open windows. The robot can remind users about taking their medicines on time, monitor moods and vital physiological signs. The shape of home care is changing, how do you feel about it ?

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