Mobility Scooters

by Caron on May 22, 2017

this shows a mobility scooter being driven at high speed

Mobility Scooters

I am the biggest advocate for keeping our elderly independent, however not at the cost of accident and injury to other people. Mobility scooters, magic or madness? More and more elderly people are taking to our busy road and pavements. This is going to mean only one thing. More accidents.

Two of my clients have had accidents in the past fortnight whilst driving their mobility scooters and still feel confident using them. One accident involved actually trapping another elderly female under the scooter and the other was a reversing accident which trapped a woman’s foot.

I can see in the future not, only the need for compulsory lessons using these vehicles,  but the need for a lowered speed limit. 8mph is far too fast for a an elderly person to be able to safely control these scooters.

If an elderly person is unable to drive a car through poor sight is it safe for them to drive in busy areas? Town centres and shopping centres are full of pedestrians, the elderly and the young more at risk than the rest of us who are fortunate to be fit and able bodied and take evasive action.

I do honestly appreciate what a life-line these mobility scooters are to their users but I am becoming alarmed at the number of accidents and in some cases fatalities following a collision.

I would urge anyone looking to buy a scooter or who knows someone who is, to take a few safety precautions. Ask the sales person if you could have a decent trial on one before buying it. Have a high visibility vest on the rear of the seat so you can be seen in the dark and drive slowly and carefully. PLEASE.

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