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Did you know you can now purchase a mobility scooter using mobility allowance?

Over the past 35 years, Motability has helped over 4 million people get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a car but did you know you can now have a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair instead.

All of their dealers have attended specialist training and are monitored to ensure they provide the very best level of customer service. Your dealer is not only there to help you with choosing your scooter or powered wheelchair; they’ll be on hand throughout your three-year lease to help with any servicing, maintenance and repairs needed.

All Motability dealers offer a free, no obligation assessment at your home and will bring some products for you to try. Each scooter and powered wheelchair differs depending on the number of wheels, its maximum speed, the maximum weight it can carry, the average distance it can travel on one battery charge and the actual weight of the product itself.

Before arranging a home assessment the dealer will talk through your needs and ask a few basic questions, such as:

  • Your height and weight
  • How far you travel on your scooter or powered wheelchair
  • If there are hills in your local area that you regularly travel up and down
  • If you will use the product around your home
  • If you are likely to carry much shopping on your scooter
  • If you want to transport the product in a car
  • How much space you have to store the product

Each of these factors will make a difference to which product is right for you. It’s worth talking to your dealer first, so that they bring the most appropriate scooters or powered wheelchairs to your home for you to test out during your demonstration.

Motability dealerships will often cover large areas of the country, so even if your nearest one is quite far away they can usually visit you. They also have some dealers who operate nationally regardless of where you live.

To order and information pack and check someone’s eligibility please click here.


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