this image shows someone jumping in the air and the words one uniform one team

Simon Jersey

this image shows someone jumping in the air and the words one uniform one team

Simon Jersey Healthcare Attire

Simon Jersey are one of the UK’s longest established and best-known work uniform providers.As someone who wore a nurses uniform back in the olden days, I appreciate the range and diversity available to care staff now.

My dress was below the knee, belted and a delightful nylon, cold in winter and boiling in the Summer. My nurses’ cap was lovingly ironed and starched by my now husband and you were never seen out of the hospital without a huge overcoat on to hide the uniform and guard against germs!!

Simon Jersey is a respected work uniform provider with over 45 years’ experience in their industry.  Their long history of exceptional service means they have a keen awareness of what businesses need to succeed.

This awareness means they can provide hard-wearing and stylish uniforms to help staff care for all their patients with the utmost professionalism each day while making sure the uniforms are comfortable enough for staff to be able to handle anything even the longest shift can throw at them.

Alongside care staff and nursing uniforms they offer a reasonably priced range of managerial/corporate workwear and a host of accessories from aprons to shoes and a range of clothing that works well for hairdressers and beauty therapists, comfort and style combined.

Simon Jersey are also the official supplier of clothing to Team GB, no modest claim to fame but one they missed from the short bio they gave me. I would add the caviat “Fit to perfection, fit to wear to work”- but that is just my poetic licence.

They offer free delivery over orders of £100, next day delivery and have a buy now pay later facility,

If you subscribe to their newsletter you can even save 25% off your first order. I am going to be taking a peek, why don’t you?


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